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What to Expect as a New Patient

Welcome! Here’s what to expect when you arrive at Harvest on your first visit:

First Things First: Please bring a state or federally issued picture ID such as a driver’s license or passport and your valid Arkansas state issued MMJ card. We’ll check your ID at the front door. Anyone without a valid MMJ card will be asked to wait outside. Minors and service animals accompanying their med-card holding care-takers are welcome.

Welcome to Our Lobby! You’ll enter our waiting area, and one of our greeters will verify your medical card and check you into one of two lines: Online or Budroom. If you have come to place an order in person, or if you have an online order that you want to modify, we will check you into the Budroom line. One of our budtenders will call your name in the order that you are checked in, they will check your MMJ card and ID again then usher you to a bud room station where they will assist you in making your product selections. Please note that there is no cellphone use in the budroom. There is a 1:1 patient to budtender ratio for a personalized experience.

If you have visited our website menu and submitted an online order there, you will check into the Online line when.  Before arriving at the dispensary to pick up your order, you will receive text messages to let you know when your order is ready for pickup. Please do not check in until you have received these text messages. Once your order is ready, one of our greeters will retrieve it from the back and complete the sale at one of three check out stations in the front lobby.

Please note that no matter which line you are in, your name will appear on a large screen in order of check-in. This means that Online and Budroom names will appear together on the screen as one list even though they are two separate lists. For this reason, it may appear that names are being called slightly out of order, but that is likely not the case.  Those who check into the Budroom are called back in the order that they were checked in.  Those who check in to pick up their online orders are called as their orders are ready.  

We hope to give you the best service possible! We take cash and debit cards. While in the lobby, feel free to check out our retail area, where we carry a variety of CBD products and industry products as well as Harvest apparel. There will be an ATM on site. You can even browse our menu online and pre-order for easy pick up.

Friendly reminder that there are no firearms allowed on site and your purchase limit is 2.5 ounces every 2 weeks. Our government connected software and tracking system will not allow us to process transactions beyond your limit. Please refrain from opening your exit bag on site. WE KNOW YOU’RE EXCITED! However, it is illegal to partake of your cannabis outside your home. We strongly suggest you place your package in a locked glove box or trunk and wait until you get home to open the package.