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Robbin Rahman headshot

Robbin Rahman

Mr. Robbin Rahman, a resident of Little Rock, Arkansas, is an attorney with over 20 years of experience in high-stakes litigation and business matters. Mr. Rahman graduated from Little Rock Central High School and Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been a practicing lawyer with cases in federal and state courts across the Country, including in New York, California, Washington DC, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Since immersing himself in the Cannabis industry in 2017, Mr. Rahman has undertaken an exhaustive study of the emerging cannabis laws across the country and has helped clients with significant cannabis-related issues across the South, including several of Arkansas’ other licensed cannabis businesses. Mr. Rahman is the regulatory chair for the Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association and is a member of the International Cannabis Bar Association and is actively engaged in various efforts to expand the cannabis laws in Arkansas and elsewhere.

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