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Patrick Ledbetter headshot

Patrick Ledbetter

Patrick has been with the Harvest Cannabis team since shortly after our doors opened and served as our Inventory Manager for two years before transitioning to his current position as General Manager in March of 2023. He is a life-long native of Central Arkansas and graduate of the University of Central Arkansas where he earned his Bachelor’s of Business Administration. Patrick has a passion for the development of the local cannabis industry and hopes to see Harvest continue to lead the charge in the growth and expansion of commercial cannabis in Arkansas.

Patrick’s professional goals reflect Harvest’s shared desire to continue addressing our community’s needs and push for the availability and development of cannabis as a safer alternative to pharmaceuticals. Patrick also shares the Harvest enthusiasm for excellence in customer care and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table in his capacity as General Manager.

The experience Patrick has gained in working patient-facing positions, learning the ins-and-outs of the inventory department and other positions is invaluable. His attention to detail and strong goals for always holding a high standard in all areas of the business are what make him an asset to Harvest and the Arkansas medical cannabis community.

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