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Justin Berger headshot

Justin Berger

Justin Berger joined the Harvest team in 2020, where he quickly employed his understanding of and experience working with organic farming concepts in cannabis cultivation and the management of Harvest’s Cultivation facilities. His primary professional goals within the industry are to spread the concepts of sustainability, organics, and best medical practices regarding quality cannabis cultivation, and during his first two years with Harvest, Justin has made numerous strides in that direction. He has finished an existing system of cannabis cultivation before transitioning the cultivation facilities to their improved and updated condition. He rewrote the standard operating procedures for the grow from seed to destruction of waste. He has customized and implemented new systems within the grow rooms, including but not limited to new LED technology, a solventless processing program, and equipment upgrades and installations. His efforts have seen not only a notable and measurable increase in the quality of cannabis flower produced at Harvest, but also an uptick in interest surrounding the only grow in Arkansas currently pursuing an entirely organic grow. Justin is from Utah and enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, being a musician, and natural farming.

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