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Archives: Harvest Team

Justin Berger headshot

Justin Berger

Justin Berger joined the Harvest team in 2020, where he quickly employed his understanding of and experience working with organic farming concepts in cannabis cultivation and the management of Harvest’s Cultivation facilities. His primary professional …

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Patrick Ledbetter headshot

Patrick Ledbetter

Patrick has been with the Harvest Cannabis team since shortly after our doors opened and served as our Inventory Manager for two years before transitioning to his current position as General Manager in March of …

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Robbin Rahman headshot

Robbin Rahman

Mr. Robbin Rahman, a resident of Little Rock, Arkansas, is an attorney with over 20 years of experience in high-stakes litigation and business matters. Mr. Rahman graduated from Little Rock Central High School and Emory …

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Libby Barnett headshot

Libby Barnett

Libby is the heart and soul of Harvest, the living embodiment of all of the qualities that Harvest strives to promote. First and foremost, Libby has been an Arkansas small business entrepreneur for her entire …

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