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Our Cultivation

Growing the best product with expertise, proven systems, and quality care

Cannabis flowers

Harvest’s onsite cultivation department has modeled our systems around the production and processing of the best medicine possible from the ground up. We utilize organic principles consisting of Korean Natural Farming, living soils, microbiology, permaculture, and waste reductionism. These guiding principles focus directly on the health and wellbeing for all.

Our belief is that our patients deserve access to healthy environments and clean medicine.

Modern and ancient technology used together ensures that the medicine grown within the confines of Harvest is of impeccable quality, free from any harsh chemicals, pesticides, or any nutrient abuse. Harvest is constantly looking for ways to reduce waste and continually seeks to find sustainable methods for the health and wellbeing for all people and the planet. We have successfully reduced our waste by implementing composting and have started taking the steps necessary to generate our own nutrients onsite. Our goal is to have a completely closed loop system in the near future. Our plants are all hand fed, maintained, manicured, and trimmed onsite. Harvest Cultivation is a truly craft family experience. With the potentiality of being the first fully organic licensed Cannabis dispensary in Arkansas on the horizon, be sure to keep an eye out for future updates from the Cultivation department and the Dispensary team on our website, Instagram, Facebook, and through email!