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Methods for Consuming Medical Marijuana

What are the methods? How might they affect me?


Marijuana buds next to a joint


Start with: One Inhalation

  • Product: Flower
  • Attributes: Most traditional method. Effects felt almost immediately. Smoking devices generally are inexpensive, easy to clean and accessible. Maintains flavor.
  • Limitations: Burning at high temperatures may compromise the efficacy of some cannabinoids. Can be limiting for individuals with lung/respiratory issues. Distinct, strong aroma.
Vape pens


Start with: One Inhalation

  • Products: Flower, Wax, Shatter, Kief, Distillate
  • Attributes: Effects felt immediately. Easy dosing with some devices. Keeps most cannabinoids intact. Can be compact and discreet. Little cannabis aroma; no burning smell.
  • Limitations: Cartridge vaporizers require little to no maintenance. Flower and other concentrate vaporizers require some light maintenance and can be more expensive.
Cannabis chocolates


Start with: 5mg or less

  • Products: Gummies, Bars, Capsules, Honey
  • Attributes: Long-lasting effects. Ideal for individuals with lung/respiratory issues. Discreet. Tastes delicious. Delayed onset. May require more trial and error. Long-lasting effects. No taste or smell. Quick and easy to consume.
  • Limitations: Delayed onset. May require more trial and error.
Tinctures with cannabis


Start with: 5mg serving or less

  • Products: Sublingual Tinctures
  • Attributes: Quicker onset if absorbed under tongue. Steady lasting effects. No smell. Easy dosing.
  • Limitations: Delayed onset if swallowed.
Topical cream with cannabis leaf


Start with: 1 or 2 pumps

  • Products: Lotions, Salves
  • Attributes: Little to no “high.” Easy application. Discreet. Long-lasting effects.
  • Limitations: Skin must be clean, dry and intact. Not recommended for sensitive skin or open wounds/ sores.
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